Sparking conversation and connection between adults 60+ and kids, ages 10-13, through young adult fiction. 

Josh, a rising 8th grader, explains the benefits of attending. 

Let Wanda, a BSRP student from last summer, describe the experience of attending with her granddaughter!


2017 Details


June 5th - July 28th, no meeting the week of July 4th.


Parkview Senior Living                               1413 W. Broadway Ave.                        Maryville, TN 37801                          Thursdays, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Sherrill Hills Retirement Community          271 Moss Grove Blvd                        Knoxville, TN 37922                        Thursdays, 10:30am - 12:00pm

What We'll Read

Fever, 1793                                               Laurie Halse Anderson

The Girl Who Drank the Moon                         Kelly Barnhill

Okay For Now                                                   Gary Schmitz


Week 1 - Orientation

Week 2 - Fever, 1793 (first half)

Week 3 - Fever, 1793 (second half)

Week 4 - The Girl Who Drank the Moon                        (first half)

Week 5 - No Class - 4th of July

Week 6 - The Girl Who Drank the Moon                        (second half)

Week 7 - Okay For Now (first half)

Week 8 - Okay For Now (second half)


How much does it cost to attend? 

The registration fee is $15 before 5/31 and $20 after. You will also be responsible for purchasing assigned readings, which you can do through us at a discounted rate, if needed. 

Who Can Attend? 

Our official guidelines list program ages as adults 60+ and kids between the ages 10 and 13. We're happy to relax these guidelines so long as all individuals are able to keep up with the reading and discussion. 

Do I need a grandparent or grandchild to attend? 

No. Although we love it when grandparents and grandkids attend together, you don't need one to attend.  

Do I have to attend all meetings? 

No, but we think you'll want to attend all meetings :) We understand that the summer months are often busy, so don't worry if you need to miss a week for another activity or family vacation. We also don't hold classes the week of July 4th due to likely absences. 

How will my kid benefit from attending this summer? 

Participation in a summer reading program is one way for your child to keep up their reading skills over the summer. Their Language Arts teacher will thank you next fall!

Also, taking part in an intergenerational arts program like BSRP helps kids gain important conversational skills, learn with and about people from a different generation, and gain perspective on their own experiences. Being a tween or teen is hard, and building up ties with older generations can help kids cope. 

I'm an older adult. Why should I attend? 

Taking part in summer reading program will help you stay sharp and socially active. It's part lifelong-learning program, part social activity. You won't be disappointment with the quality of books we read or the level of discussion, and you'll have the chance to share your experiences with students from a different generation.