With New Semester, LifeWords Program Expands to Blount County, Broadens Reading Material

LifeWords Readings Circles begins its fall semester on Tuesday, August 16th. What an incredible first year we’ve had – expanding from Sherrill Hills to the Strang Center, and now starting a program at the Everett Center in Blount County!

We’ve also made a few changes to the program details and logistics since May. Students will register each semester and pay a $20 registration fee at the start of each semester. The purpose of this fee is to help encourage student retention and provide funds for program advertisements. Once registered, students will receive a reading packet with each week’s material. We’ll no longer post copies of our texts online, but we will post audio recordings, when possible.

Ed Sullivan will join the program as instructor at our new Blount County site, and he will take over responsibilities at the Strang Center. Ed is a seasoned writer and teacher, and he’s the perfect addition to our team. Be on the lookout for a more in-depth introduction!

Our reading list has also become more varied. In addition to orienting particular meetings around broad theme, such as fall harvest or the role of mothers, we’ve added days that highlight particular writers and genres, and we’ll round out the semester with Pat Summitt’s memoir Sum It Up. Our goal is to provide a broad audience with a range of engaging texts.

We can’t wait to get started!